New Year Resolutions for 2016

A new year means a new beginning, setting new ways and goals for having a better, happier, healthier year than the previous one, rich in favourable results and new experiences.

The New Year Resolutions have become a really popular and encouraged tendency which brings about a brief analysis of the just-ended year, of the awareness towards the things what brought us joy or the ones we do not wish to repeat and a retrospect of the lessons learned throughout the year. In addition, it is a period of pursuing new goals, either personal or professional, when we can also compare, in an hones manner, the resolutions and the results achieved throughout the last year.

We have analyzed the most common resolutions encouraged by highly esteemed publications worldwide, under general titles which can be easily adjusted to one’s own taste.

  1. Get a hobby and play more

These two pieces of advice can be found isolated or side by side, but they surely promote the same thing: having curiosity and lust for life. The professional life is invested in and encouraged while the family life comes off second best in our society nowadays. However, studies have shown that the lesser the time invested working, the higher the productivity is. A mere trick would be dedicating one hour daily to the things we enjoy most.

  1. Exercise

A sedentary lifestyle, obesity and working in an office are considered the diseases of the 21st century, while exercising is of extreme significance in preventing health problems. A walk in the park, a workout or practicing one of the most popular sports in the last few years, the bike riding and the marathons, are easily approached in almost every city. There are endless options, but the motivation must be found within.

  1. Procrastination- the public enemy no.1

Another concept which gained ground in the last few years is procrastination, guilty for putting off doing the chores, making decisions or wasting time. The debates on this matter have occurred in order to raise awareness towards it, so that people figure it out and exit this state immediately. Time flies without notice and this is why treasuring every moment is of great significance.

  1. Travel and discover new cultures

The horizons of thinking, understanding and interlinking can be extended through travelling and discovering. By getting out of our comfort zones, not only do we explore our limits, but we also become more self-confident and by encountering new civilizations, we accept and understand the diversity surrounding us.

The “Cultural Agora @ Your Library” Project aims to bring the stories of different cultures closer to those who are not able to travel themselves, in order to enrich them with others’ life experiences, who seem to live in a whole different world.

You can subscribe to such stories on the Facebook page of the project, where you can find more stories, filled with life experience, told by the old or by the young people:


Cultural Agora @ Your Library is a project implemented by ANBPR in affiliation with Jazzmontor AS Norvegia and REPLIKA Cultural Association, financed through the SEE 2009-2014 Grants, the PA17/RO13 Programme “The Promotion of diversity of culture and art within the European heritage” (




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