Radu Apostol, Director

By participating in the Cultural Agora @ Your LIbrary

project, we were given the chance to produce a unique

show, a play where drama and object theatre are mingled.

The script for “In Your Own Words” was developed after

seeing more than 1,000 movies made by participants

in the Digital Storytelling workshops, and interviews

recorded during the documentation period. The whole

artistic team watched them.

Afterwards, during rehearsals, these documented ma-
terials were used as milestones. We kept going back to

them, in order to add more weight to the artistic direction.

There was one contradiction we tried to highlight

on stage, namely the gap between the very personal

nature of these stories or of the topics approached in

them and their presentation “in public”. How do we talk

about ourselves in public? How do we express ourselves

“in our own words”? How are Romanian traditions and

customs seen today? How do we talk about them andd

still remain ourselves?

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