Daniela Rusu, Librarian-Trainer

Coordinator Printing Department
ASTRA Sibiu County Library
Trainer within the “Cultural Agora @ Your Library”

„Digital stories and the “Cultural Agora @ Your Library” project brought to me a whole new world I had only heard about, but never experienced before, namely trainings in libraries, conducted by librarians.


Fro m the very start it was a challenge, with a lot of emotion and determination on my part because I wanted to meet the others’ expectations. It was difficult, but not impossible. It was difficult because, due to the nature of my work, in the Astra Library Printing House, I am not in close contact with the public – but it was made possible by the people around me, who encouraged me to be brave and find the skills to deliver information accurately and coherently. I also discovered that, in a project of such proportions, apart from the actual training delivery and making of movies, behind the scene work is equally important: archiving, reporting, sending documents in a timely manner and filling in forms correctly.

The whole programme was dynamic and, personally, the way I managed my time was very interesting. Not being known for a very efficient time management, mostly because I have so many things to do and so little time, I learned how to prioritize and how to choose what is truly useful to do for those around me.


I remember the play titled “In Your Own Words” and the wonderful night presented by the Replika team to the people of Sibiu, at the Gong Theatre. The way our audience reacted to the play made me understand that the efforts were not in vain and that the minutes spent in the training room were, indeed, fulfilling.


This professional, as well as personal, experience helped me discover a new dimension of librarianship.


The life stories inspired me, the people I discovered helped go forward and develop my training qualities.


Thank you, Agora team, for colleagues who have become my friends.

This is my happy-ending story. We breathe deeply and carry on.”


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