Digital stories enrollments in 5 months

Digital stories enlisted in the project Cultural Agora @ Your Library

It has been over 5 months since the Agora Cultural @ Your Library project has started and we already have over 300 storytellers and stories from the four counties taking part in the Digital Storytelling sessions of Cultural Agora, namely: Brăila, Cluj, Sibiu and Bucharest. The beneficiaries of these digital stories workshops have learned how to document and structure a story, how they can put together not just the words of a story, but also pictures or videos, how they can edit and assemble them in order to get in the end a digital story, both original and impactful.

The public library is also responsible for the digital literacy of those who cross its threshold, because times are driven to a large extent on digital. A study conducted within the Biblionet program in 2013 showed that 84% of users said they had been trained or helped by a librarian in order to make better use of the computer or the internet. And the contemporary role of the library is not only to bring to light the stories between the covers of a book, but to bring the stories of the world through the internet and to preserve the stories of communities, people’s stories, with their eloquent experiences and feelings.

The idea of Cultural Agora project was born from this mission of the library and, moreover, in order to conduct the activities four counties were chosen, perhaps the busiest from Romania in terms of the ethnical groups. For example, a story from Brăila introduces us to the world of Lipovans traditions, going back some hundreds of years ago up to those observed today, and reveals that, nowadays, Lipovans still hold a strong sense of belonging to their ethnic group.

On the other hand, the stories show the point of view of the people coming to Romania, in a certain city, which they discover and which conquers their heart. In this respect, we have the story of a young Moldovan who came to a college in Cluj-Napoca, a city she fell in love with and where she stayed for a while, although firmly determined not to forget her native country and always to return home.

If you are living in one of the four counties, we invite you to come to the library and share your story, or to share the story of your community.  We also invite you to follow the stories we show forth on our  Facebook page, and soon on the website dedicated to the project.

Agora Culturală @ Your Library is a project implemented by ANBPR in affiliation with Jazzmontor AS Norvegia and REPLIKA Cultural Association, financed through the SEE 2009-2014 Grants, the PA17/RO13 Programme “The Promotion of diversity of culture and art within the European heritage” ( in Romania. 

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